I did not have to file for bankruptcy!

Let me tell you of a real story about myself, and what had actually happened to me last year. I was on the brink of filing for bankruptcy until I chanced upon methods on how to relieve myself of credit card debt.

I was accumulating so much debt over time, and it was mainly because I just had a lot to spend, more than I was earning. I had to pay for so many things, I just got a new place, and I wanted to furnish it quickly with all the appliances and furniture that I thought I needed.

But, the purchases were too much too fast, that I was increasing my credit card debt so quickly over a very short period of time. I was getting so worried, because I thought that I would have to file for bankruptcy. I was already selling my things left and right, to get some money to pay for my debt, but the balance of my credit card was not decreasing, I was basically paying for the interest only. Damn, that was a hard time.

Next thing I knew, I didn’t have anything else in my home, aside from my bed, and I still owed the bank so much money. My sister saw how depressed I was getting, and while she couldn’t help me financially, she introduced me to her friend who works for a credit card debt relief company, who gave me options on how I could deal with my finances, and gave me really bright options that were easier for me to deal with, and so that I would not have to spend more than I was making.

With the new payment scheme, I am now able to still have a very conservative lifestyle, and pay my debts to the company on time, and on schedule. This helped me a lot, and I now know how to spend more wisely.

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